Anonymous asked:

What's your favorite part of being fat?

Pleasantly Plump Answer:

Goodness that is a hard one.

I love being super super soft and squishy. 

I love my rolls that I play with often.

I love to jiggle, and wiggle with it! (I am such a dork)

I like that friends usually find me comfy to lay near, by, or on…they tend to fall asleep from the softness and love the warmth I give off. 

I like to eat what I want, when I want, wherever I want.

I love being stuffed, full, or fed.

I just love being a fatty! <3


Selected works by illustrator, painter and concept artist  David Julian Lopez from Colombia,  recently graduated as master of Visual Arts at the Javeriana University in Bogotá. 

 I don’t have a precise style… I just let my feelings to move me around different techniques or processes, and then the final result is everything that you see. I hope you like my work.

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Anonymous asked:

God your sexy im jelly of your man oooo can I eat jelly off you?

Pleasantly Plump Answer:

^_^ Sorry dude! 

I feel pretty happygoluckylicious with my peanut butter and jelly belly and man sauce by my fatty side!

I….I don’t think the man man would appreciate anyone but himself doing the licking of any kind of jelly type substance off my body…*Goes into fantasy dream mode*

Anyways we are a pretty weird and out there duo! <3 Here, see? This is us being weirdos together some place in Michigan! 

Pleasantly Plump SSBBW!

I was having a funny time with my little minion feeder, she was so cute trying to stuff me with pizza. I eat some wings, and pizza, drink some soda and even burp *shy smile* I also weigh in at the end to see how much I gained from the stuffing!

me: halloween is coming soon

mom: it's july


me: halloween is coming soon